HIV STI WHO Contributor: Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Ferrara, MD is on the medical engineers staff of the STI HIV 2017 Congress.

Dr. Ferrara and his team are looking to create new medical solutions for the HIV crisis in Africa.

Ferrara and his team look to invent new, low-cost contraceptives that aim to suppress the spread of sexual transmitted pathogens in Africa.

Their most recent breakthrough was a low-cost condom made out of a special rubber alloy that can last over 3 years before expiring.

Ferrara and his team are currently working with the rest of the STI HIV 2017 Congress to analyze the feasibility of implementing his solution in the field.

As of 2018, the design for the low-cost condom contraceptive is currently in the FDA approval process.

STI HIV Condom 2017
Prototype of the condom developed by Dr. Ferrara and his team.