Ultimate Guide to Prostate Health

Ultimate Guide to Prostate Health

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Legendary actor Dennis Hopper and dictator Mobutu Sese Seko are but a few of the many men who have succumbed to prostate related illnesses showing that whether you are rich or poor you should be concerned with ensuring prostate health.

Prostate cancer and prostatitis are the two most common forms illnesses associated with this part of the male anatomy that is so critical to reproduction.

The main purpose of the prostate is to secrete an alkaline compound which serves to prolong the lifespan of sperm which may come into contact with acidic compounds.

Prostate cancer develops when abnormal cells emerge and begin to multiply and spread around the region until they eventually move to surrounding organs.

Prostate cancer may develop slowly but the main symptoms include urinating too often, blood in the urine, discomfort while urinating and pain in the lower back.

The two biggest risk factors associated with developing prostrate cancer are age and genetics because research has shown that if someone in the immediate family tree has developed the condition then there is high likelihood of developing the disease as well.

How To Reduce The Probability of Developing Prostrate Related Illnesses:

Research has shown that the probability of developing prostate cancer is significantly higher in western countries than other places around the world and this has been linked to the fact that people in developed countries consume bad fats found in fast foods instead of the good fat found in meals like nuts, cheese and avocados.

Eating plant protein can offer far health benefits compared to animal proteins because according to the world health organization meals that contain red meat and dairy products have been shown to be associated with increased chances of developing cancer.

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A simple yet surprisingly effective way to prevent prostate cancer is to drink green tea because it contains antioxidants and catechins which reduce the chances of developing cancer by up to a staggering 70%.

Omega 3 is a fat found in certain fish and consuming it is known to have almost miraculous effects on the human body one of which is that it helps with fighting inflammation and therefore making the body more resistant to infections and diseases.

Health supplement can be extremely good for the human body but it is wiser to get a medical check up first and advice from a doctor because certain supplements contain calcium which is known to increase the possibility of developing prostate cancer.

This goes without saying but obesity has been shown to drastically increase the chances of developing many other forms of cancer as well as increasing the chances of death once the illness has already developed.

Exercise everyday is not simply good for reducing weight but also for lowering blood pressure, ensuring proper blood flow and slowing down the progression of prostate illnesses once they have developed.

A fact that is likely to make many men happy is that research done at Harvard conclusively showed that having sex frequently helps reduce the possibility of developing prostate cancer by over 20%.

Eating whole foods and natural foods is generally a good idea because chemicals like preservatives, coloring, flavors and sweeteners found in processed foods are directly linked to increased chances of developing prostate cancer.

Hormonal imbalance is a problem stereo-typically associated with women but this is a problem that affects men as well which then leads to prostate related illnesses, but this can best be prevented by ensuring a balanced diet consumed at stable time intervals.

Certain foods have been shown to not only help in preventing but also slowing down cancer cells, these foods include salmon, tomatoes, walnuts, coffee and carrots.

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Even though there may be no direct causation there is some correlation between particular good health choices and the development of prostrate cancer, these habits include smoking drinking alcohol and not hydrating enough.

It is wise to search both the work and home environment for carcinogenics such as benzene, vinyl chloride, cadmium and radon because they have been linked to increased chances of developing cancer as well as toxin poisoning.

If one or more family members have developed prostrate cancer then it would be wise to speak to a doctor so that he or she may provide preventative medicine and even though there is no definitive way proven to prevent prostrate cancer at the very least the odds cold be significantly reduced.

Benign Prostate Aphasia (BHP)

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This is a condition that usually develops in men over thirty and it involves the enlargement of the prostrate gland in non-cancerous way until it blocks the passage of urine from the bladder to the urethra and is usually treated by alpha blockers to get the muscles in the region to relax.

While research has shown that it is still somewhat difficult to catch prostate cancer through check ups it is still important to go for a medical check up because this is an illness that is robbing the world of great men every year, a check up for BHP is also a good idea because it can be easily spotted and the earlier it is the better.

Prostatitis is a very common illness affecting millions of men around the world, it is caused by inflammation of the prostrate gland due to a viral or bacterial infection and presents in the form of blood in the urine, pelvic pain, fever and urethral discharge.

Unlike prostate cancer which mainly affects older men, prostatitis actually affects younger men as well and it usually develops when a bacterial infection moves from the urinary tract to infect the prostate gland, a doctor will often perform a urine test in order to ascertain the illness.

Prostatic Intraepethlial Neoplasia (hgpin)


This is not entirely an illness on its own but rather a precursor to the development of prostate cancer, it is identified by a pathologist who inserts a needle via the rectum to obtain tissue samples that then studied under a microscope to search for abnormal cell development.

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS)

This is a word used by doctors to denote a wide array of illnesses that affect the bladders, urethra and prostrate regions, LUTS can be divided into two main groupings of either obtrusive(preventing proper urine passage) or irritative(urine passes causing pain), the illness can be caused by a stroke or Parkinson`s disease.